We be travelin’

In line with the global makeup of our membership, our appetite for travel knows no [geographic] boundaries. By securing memberships and partnerships with worldwide travel and vacation companies we can offer a portfolio of travel experiences within our marketplace.

As you may have heard, our two bedroom condo in Tulum, Mexico is on its way to completion. The Aces are minority owners in this venture and currently have certain weeks out of the year that our members can travel to Tulum for three, four or seven night stays. Vacation-goers that acquire this benefit will pay a $0 USD nightly rate, but pay any applicable fees via our vacation rental partner, be responsible for any travel costs, and put down a refundable security deposit for their stay.

The majority of nightly stays will be hosted to non-member travelers who pay a market rate for their stay. A portion of those earnings are paid to our on-site Mexican management company, to other investors in the property, and also to the community treasury for The Aces. Current estimates for gross cash flow range between $5,000 and $11,000 per month depending on the season–high season in Tulum is beautiful and eventful!

The condo is contained within a brand new luxury development called La Reserva. With two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a private pool, on-site storage, and a private garden we feel that it will be an exciting way to experience everything that the Mayan coast has to offer. Check out lareservatulum.com for more images, information and to learn the holistic ethos of our developers.

Now we only have two questions:

When will we see you in Mexico? And, where in the world should we invest next?