The Closed Chest.
What's in it?
How do I open it?

About 2,000 out of our 10,000 Ace NFTs have a chest compartment with the door closed--making this trait a bit more rare and, thus, more sought after. There are two [other] reasons that Closed-Chest Aces are more desirable; firstly, they earn 600 $KEYS per month when staked, as opposed to 500 $KEYS for an Open-Chest Ace. Second, the ability to open a closed chest door to secure a reward. 100% of Closed-Chest Aces have a random reward hidden behind the door. The functionality to open your chest doors is coming soon and a holder will need 1,000 $KEYS per Ace in order to do so.

Once a closed-chest Ace becomes an Open-Chest Ace, that Ace drops down to earning 500 $KEYS per month. Also, for every closed door that gets opened the rarity of closed-chest Aces increases. Those two notes could really wreck havoc on someone's decision making process. Are you going to open the doors on your closed-chest Aces?

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