it’s all about access.
The Aces is a lifestyle brand and worldwide membership. We provide access to sports events, experiences, and tickets as well as invest in vacation rentals around the world—ask about the beach property we are building. We own a professional sports franchise, Power, in the BIG3 basketball league. Our members, who we call Aces, are active in pushing the brand forward and have an affinity for sports, travel, technology, and blockchain.
1.1 Million viewers on cbs
That’s how many people tuned in to watch Power take on Trilogy in the 2022 BIG3 championship game--live from Atlanta. The Aces acquired the rights to Power in May of last year. Peep the jersey patch! The squad is prepping for our second title run in 2023.
Our Power Ownership
Each Ace is a combination of a textured, 3D base character, 3D traits and 2D accent features—thus, creating a first-of-its-class, digital art collection. Furthermore, ultra-rare pieces in the Aces Collection have been handmade by 20+ artists located all over the globe.
Meet the Artist(s)
we are building.
no, literally... we are building a beach condo. find out why.
founder- jordan Norwood
After playing organized sports for 30 continuous years—from little league to the Super Bowl—I have learned the immense benefits of being a part of a team. When I abruptly retired, and started digging in to the NFT space, it struck me even more. It was the individual humans and their diverse skillsets (and personalities) that pushed us to a Super Bowl 50 victory.

Similarly, with The Aces; the community is the greatest utility.The Aces membership lives at the intersection of art, access, and real people coming together.
Meet the Co-Founders

The community and the founder walked me through everything and kept it simple. Mark my work words this will be one of the premium nfts projects to own. Aces for life!

I’ve bought hundreds of NFTs and been apart of some great and not so great communities. Aces is by far the most inviting, exciting and loyal community in the space!

When you win an [prize] you will receive your [prize] 100% and [Jordan] values his community very much. And if you have a question, you can ask him everytime.

If I had to choose a synonym for Integrity = Jordan Norwood, Founder.If I had to pick a synonym for Web3 in combination with In Real Life Values = The Aces