stake & earn

Within The Aces ecosystem, $keys open opportunities–be it a raffle to win a blue chip NFT, an auction for suite tickets to a pro sports match, or an instant buy for some merch from our merch shop. Staking your Ace NFT is done in order for you, the holder, to earn rewards. By staking an Ace NFT, it gets moved to our staking wallet where you, the owner, are the only that can remove it. We reward wallets that have staked Aces by releasing $key tokens to the staker, which can be claimed once 30 days have passed. The main benefit to our community with staking is that it cuts the supply of Aces that are listed for sale on secondary markets. The amount of $key tokens earned differs by the type of Ace NFT:

Common Aces +
Signature Series Aces

450 $keys per month

Closed-Chest Aces

600 $keys per month

Ultra-Rare Aces

750 $keys per month

The Deuces


There are three ways to give oneself more buying power within the Aces marketplace, 1) buy more Ace NFTs and stake them 2) stake closed-chest and ultra-rare Aces rather than common Aces, and 3) engage in our community via discord and social media for games, contests, and quests to earn $keys.

Our marketplace gives you the opportunity to spend your $keys online and it is broken down into a few categories:

nft’s and crypto

Purchase raffle tickets to win other NFTs or cryptocurrencies. there are also opportunities to buy presale/whitelist spots for other hyped NFT projects

sports & events

Purchase tickets to worldwide sporting events and enjoy the opportunity to buy VIP access to worldwide music festivals like Rolling Loud. Of course, Ace holders can always use their $keys to attend our BIG3 Power basketball games

consumer goods

Purchase traditional items from partner brands like cameras, apparel, and sports memorabilia (pay shipping in handling with a credit or debit card)

vacation stays

Book stays via our travel service or at our beach home in Tulum, MX (pay taxes, fees, and refundable security deposit with a credit or debit card)